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<!--2013043004-->He Who Cannot Be Named - 'Love/Hate' [CD]

He Who Cannot Be Named



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Songs about marriage, duct tape, eating babies, zombies, motorboats, household pets, dreams, and numerous other offbeat topics are just a fraction of the repertoire of He Who Cannot Be Named. The obscene guitarist of legendary garage punk group The Dwarves has entertained audiences the world over with their brand of twisted, psychotic, and borderline sadistic punk rock since the late 1980s, and he nor the Dwarves show any sign of stopping.

Now fresh off the release of his LP solo release Humaniterrorist, comes Love/Hate, a compact disc re-release with new songs and bonus material. The album features 22 tracks of classic songs about love, homicide, and other topics, bolstered by He Who's own take on The Dwarves' brand of hard-hitting street punk. Features guest appearances by Saltpeter (The Dwarves), Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves), Joe Dean (Man Cougars), The Fabulous Lidomide Singers, and many more.
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