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<!--2010092807-->Hell Razah - 'Heaven Razah' [CD]
<!--2010092807-->Hell Razah - 'Heaven Razah' [CD]
<!--2010092807-->Hell Razah - 'Heaven Razah' [CD]
<!--2010092807-->Hell Razah - 'Heaven Razah' [CD]

Hell Razah

Heaven Razah


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Brooklyn-bred MC Hell Razah spent his teenage years sharpening his lyrical sword as a member of Wu-Tang offshoot Sunz Of Man. After three group albums, plus countless guest appearances and collaborations, Razah released his acclaimed solo debut Renaissance Child in '07. Now, Nature Sounds presents his follow up, Heaven Razah. "Hell Razah means I raise the people from Hell," says Razah. "Now, I'm bringing them to a mental Heaven." In April, Razah had to undergo emergency surgery and is currently in recovery. There has been an outpouring of support for the rapper, and proceeds from Heaven Razah will go to Razah's family to support his recovery.
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