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<!--020100831022740-->Hellsent - 'False Profit' [CD]
<!--020100831022740-->Hellsent - 'False Profit' [CD]
<!--020100831022740-->Hellsent - 'False Profit' [CD]
<!--020100831022740-->Hellsent - 'False Profit' [CD]


False Profit



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Hellsent hails from the southside of Chicago, and he bleeds it. On his 2nd solo album, 'False Profit', you find him as an artist ready to set the record straight and up the ante with deep meaningful compositions that go against the grain of contemporary music. It features production mainly from Max, as well as contributions by Fifth Element, DJ Alo, and Loose Cannon. He.llsent takes listeners on a deep introspective journey filled with intense lyrics, well thought out punch-lines and an fiery urgency that's missing from some of today's hip hop. "False Profit is a statement", he says. "The rap game is all about money and illusions. The False Profit is a glimpse behind all the smoke and mirrors."

Each song feels like it can be it's own album; each one is it's own gigantic universe. The music asks listeners to throw away all they think they know about hip-hop and just listen. 'False Profit' harkens back to a time when hip-hop wasn't easily digested, to a time when you could tell a real hip hop head by the condition of his rewind button; to an era when lyrics had weight and the music was heavy. When lyrics were deep and cryptic and the artist made sure you couldn't get what they were saying on a couple listens. When hip-hop still belonged to the ones who helped shape it.

Hellsent flexes his muscle and reveals his fangs on this release. From the bold, hard hitting, in your face lyrics of 'Number 9'; to the aggressive street anthem 'Silver Dollar', He.llsent takes control of your attention and doesn't let go until he's ready. This is hip-hop in its purest form without all the fancy bells and whistles.

This isn't about your typical clichs, bitches or drug money. This isn't about any of the stuff you see masquerading as hip-hop. This is about expression. This is an MC doing what a MC does. Not for a profit or to appear to be bigger than life, but just because he can.
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