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<!--2007032741-->Hieroglyphics - 'Over Time' [CD]
<!--2007032741-->Hieroglyphics - 'Over Time' [CD]
<!--2007032741-->Hieroglyphics - 'Over Time' [CD]
<!--2007032741-->Hieroglyphics - 'Over Time' [CD]


Over Time


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Since our introduction into the industry in the early '90s, Hieroglyphics has prlded itself on its b-sides, remixes and hidden tracks. We have always felt strongly about offering the casual fan, DJ or collector something extra on our singles. Some of our most landmark songs (think "Eye Examination" or "Burnt") have been b-sides to our mainstream singles. We also have a vast vault of unreleased tracks and songs from hard-to-find compilations that sometimes slip out (with poor sound quality) due to bootlegging, vinyl-to-cd transfer, uploading, etc. Our fans constantly hit us up on chat boards, through letters and at our shows to play many of these obscure tracks, or release them in CD format for their enjoyment. Thus, in this current state of vinyl decline, we have decided to release Hieroglvphics - "Over Time" - A collection of sought-after b-sides, remixes and previously unreleased tracks.
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