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<!--2009012054-->Ice-T - 'Live In Montreux 1995' [DVD [2DVD]]
<!--2009012054-->Ice-T - 'Live In Montreux 1995' [DVD [2DVD]]
<!--2009012054-->Ice-T - 'Live In Montreux 1995' [DVD [2DVD]]
<!--2009012054-->Ice-T - 'Live In Montreux 1995' [DVD [2DVD]]


Live In Montreux 1995


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Ice T was at the height of his popularity and notoriety when this concert was recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in the summer of 1995. The set features all his biggest hits up to then, all gaining a new dimension in a live setting which enables him to improvise freely and react with his audience. The almost two hours of bonus footage which makes up the second disc of this double DVD set features Body Count with the line-up of Ice T, Ernie-C (Lead Guitar), D-Roc (Rhythm Guitar), Vincent Price (Bass) and O T (Drums) at The Smoke Out Festival in San Bernardino, California (2003), as well as recording a video together in the studio. The highly-controversial recordings he made with Body Count in the nineties (particularly their notorious 'Cop Killer') made Ice T unofficial public enemy number one with America 's establishment and with the F.B.I. This is truly an incredible DVD package for Ice T fans everywhere.
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