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<!--120110322028429-->InfinitiRock - 'Apeirophobia EP' [CD]
<!--120110322028429-->InfinitiRock - 'Apeirophobia EP' [CD]
<!--120110322028429-->InfinitiRock - 'Apeirophobia EP' [CD]
<!--120110322028429-->InfinitiRock - 'Apeirophobia EP' [CD]


Apeirophobia EP


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InfinitiRock is a beat making prodigy from Red Hook, NY. This eighteen-year-old producer started making hip-hop beats for his older brother (NY-based MC Aviator) on Fruity Loops and Cool Edit at the age of five, and was digesting RZA & Aphex Twin by second grade. Since then, this prolific beatsmith has churned out numerous (unreleased)concept albums, hundreds of tracks, and a Sufjan Stevens remix that was featured on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

His first commercial release, Apeirophobia, is an experimental six track EP that seamlessly blends [the styles of] old school hip-hop, space funk, and his Hindi ancestry/upbringing. . The highly textured soundscape is full of organic sounds (tape hiss, massage chairs, live percussion, etc) that give the project a classic feel, propelled by a lifetime of exposure to beats by the greats - Dilla, Madlib, Four Tet.
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