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<!--020111018036871-->Infinito:2017 - 'Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears' [CD]
<!--020111018036871-->Infinito:2017 - 'Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears' [CD]
<!--020111018036871-->Infinito:2017 - 'Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears' [CD]
<!--020111018036871-->Infinito:2017 - 'Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears' [CD]


Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears



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In a time where unoriginality has taken the forefront of modern music and parody is in full demand, Infinito 2017 has taken it upon himself to create from his own mind and heart. The South side Chicago native who has traveled and toured the globe has put together a carefully thought-out collection of songs. Bringing you "Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears," a very informative album written while on tour abroad in the summer of 2011, the album has 17 tracks of pure thought and solid production laid down by Oddisee, Thaione Davis, Mr. Skurge, Fatnice, King Boom and more. Taking from the ongoing crime that blights the African American community worldwide, the educator / fine artist side of Marcellous Lovelace commonly known as Infinito 2017 uses speeches from Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Harlem Renaissance orator Zora Neal Hurston to capture a time capsule of the long playing episode which is the African experience from his view. Also sampling from thought provoking catalogues of Fela Kuti, Sun Ra and Octavia Butler, Marcellous carefully has crafted a multifaceted performance of sound recording that takes you on a journey of Clear Communication, Reason, Jazz Music, Male expansion and good ole fun Hip Hop. Pause Record has guest vocals from Lyrikill and Respect the God of Perverted Monks fame. This album is sure to provide a positive vibe and sure-shot classic boom bap stylistics for your listening pleasure. Peace
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