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<!--020080101015036-->Insight - 'Targeting Zone' [CD]


Targeting Zone



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First known as a producer working with the likes of Mr Lif, on the label Def Jux, Virtuoso, Krs One, OC of DITC or Edo G, Insight is a complete artist. He has earned his reputation producing several albums a year, and by touring relentlessly, while producing albums or compilations for others - eg. the "Saturday Night Agenda" project, almost fully produced by Insight, and featuring Big Daddy Kane, AG, Pete Rock, KRS One and many others. In addition to this bewildering productivity, he is also the bond between indie alternative rap and traditional Boom Bap, working on one side with Edan, Mr Lif, Def Jux, and on the other side with Krs One, OC and AG of DITC, or Edo G and Count Bass D. He is one of the rare ones to be able to handle as skillfully production, turntables and the art of rhyme, with consistency and versatility. This album, "Targeting Zone Deluxe", displays these various aspects of Insight's work, gathering them in one project. Different flavors, different colors, with one common denominator: a demanding and precise artistic acuity.

The album features remixes, unreleased or rare tracks, or other ones previously released on Blast Radius. It also features his band, Electric Company, on several tracks for a laid-back rap la Pharcyde. On other ones, heavy and organic Boom Bap is back, evoking the DITC. Finally, jazzy sounds blend in with up-tempo tracks, calling up 80s "fast rap".
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