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<!--020071106010871-->J-Hood - 'The Hood Is Back' [CD]


The Hood Is Back



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New York's J-Hood is best known for being a part of Yonkers most famous Hip Hop collective, D-Block. Or he was. Recently Hood departed from D-Block. Some say he was asked to leave. Others know it was Hood that wanted to exit. But what's important is that Hood found opportunity in adversity. Freed from any contractual obligation his talent has now landed him a spot in 50 Cent's G-Unit. Along the way the move from D-Block to G-Unit has bumped Hood's profile right into the spotlight and magnified the demand for a Hood solo effort. That solo joint is here and now in the form of 20 unreleased and unheard tracks. Just when you thought you could count him out, "The Hood Is Back".
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