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<!--020070904010455-->James Pants - 'KA$H/ Night Night/ Cosmic Rapp' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

James Pants

KA$H/ Night Night/ Cosmic Rapp

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record


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You're probably asking yourself: James Pants, what the? who the? Is this another Madlib alias? To find out the real person behind the man in the 'pants' let's travel back in time. The year is 2001 and the place is Texas. Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf is DJing a rave while a sharply dressed young man approaches the DJ Booth with his Prom date in tow to formally introduce himself. Thus begins the story of James Pants. What began as a dream Prom night to see his hero DJ went to an internship at the label to eventually landing the ultimate fantasy by being signed to the roster and championed as the 'next big thing' by none other than Peanut Butter Wolf himself (As well as Urb Magazine in their 'Next Top 100').
James Pants has that "new sound" that appeals to the kids, for sure. But he also has that "little something" for the grown-and-sexy. If you go to the new downtown clubs any night of the week, you'll hear that unmistakable fresh beat - of which Mr. Pants is a purveyor par excellence: 80's Soul, Electro Boogie, Early Rap, New Wave, & Post-Punk Disco, all of which can be found on his debut album (Jan 2008) where James plays drums, keys, guitar, & sings.
From a radio perspective, what format does this fall under - this new style that Pants has invented? Do you play it on the groove alongside the likes of Skyy, Cameo, or even Pharrell (If James Pants 'KA$H' doesn't have Mr. Billionaire Boys Club name written all over it than I don't know what does?)? Or do you play it in the underground alongside the up-to-the-minute electro pulse of Egyptian Lover, Cybotron and Too $hort? The answer, of course, is both! There's enough Pants to fit any style.
This 12-inch is a limited edition release and only available to select retailers. It's 1,000 copies and hand put together (glued, labeled, & packaged) by Stones Throw complete w/ the attached 8x10 B&W photo to give it that true private press vibe. This first single from James Pants debut full-length Welcome - includes the catchy "KA$H" and "Cosmic Rapp" (vocal and instrumentals included), as well as two other bonus tracks. There will be a follow-up 'KA$H Remix' 12" this fall featuring remixes by A-Trak & Ed Banger Records' DJ Mehdi. Stay tuned. The Pants are about to come off and it's party time!!!!!!
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