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<!--120091208018675-->James Pants - 'Seven Seals' [CD]
<!--120091208018675-->James Pants - 'Seven Seals' [CD]
<!--120091208018675-->James Pants - 'Seven Seals' [CD]
<!--120091208018675-->James Pants - 'Seven Seals' [CD]

James Pants

Seven Seals


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Having given birth to a music career and to a human child within the span of a few months, celebrated percussionist James Pants withdrew into solitude for some weeks in the year 2008. Hermetically ensuring his privacy in his remote cabin in & around Spokane, Washington, Pants spurned the noise and clatter of the globetrotting lifestyle, as he nurtured his seed in the form of beautiful baby girl Olive, and took to penning this concept album, now known as Seven Seals. For the moment, - with the exception of his recent touring of Europe and China, wowing the throngs with his exhilarating live ensemble Royal Zodiac - the reclusive Pants occupies himself almost entirely with his offspring, and the disciplined study of oceanography, astronomy and gourmet Latin cooking.
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