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<!--120130219053455-->Jamie Lidell - 'Jamie Lidell' [CD]

Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell




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"Merging electronic beats and sounds with those of classic soul, Lidell has created a new future-retro R&B that simultaneously evokes and revitalizes the sound of a bygone era" -
The Believer

"Jamie sounds as soulful as ever here, attacking every vocal run like an even more freaked-out Cee Lo ... a positively mean makeup of big, booming bass and squelchy synths that glisten and gleam underneath Lidell's high-octane whine"
-Pitchfork (Best New Track "What A Shame")

Warp Records is excited to release Jamie Lidell's highly-anticipated self-titled album on February 19. The album was announced on November 15th to great fanfare, with lead track "What A Shame" getting massive pick up around the world, including a "Best New Track" from Pitchfork, and exuberent write ups from the likes of Stereogum, the UK's Guardian and FACT, to LA's KCRW blog. This is Jamie's 5th full-length release, and was produced by Lidell and Justin Stanley (Eric Clapton, Beck).

Known for bringing together disparate musical influences, Jamie Lidell cites Mtume, Cameo, New Jack Swing, Bobby Brown and George Clinton as inspirations for the new release. "I referenced a lot of the analogue synth tones of the records I really love," he says, "the question isn't electronic music or not, it's what are you trying to say with the electronics you choose." Lidell recently moved from New York to Nashville and set up an expansive recording studio in his new home. "The whole house has become a recording studio," Lidell says, "the entire album was recorded and mixed at home. I'm proud of that."
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