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<!--020080408013179-->Jerome Derradji Presents - 'The American Boogie Down' [CD [2CD]]
<!--020080408013179-->Jerome Derradji Presents - 'The American Boogie Down' [CD [2CD]]
<!--020080408013179-->Jerome Derradji Presents - 'The American Boogie Down' [CD [2CD]]
<!--020080408013179-->Jerome Derradji Presents - 'The American Boogie Down' [CD [2CD]]

Jerome Derradji Presents

The American Boogie Down


CD [2CD]


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  • Apr 08, 2008
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 730003110221
  • BBE311022CD
  • 2.6 oz
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  • BBE Music
BBE and Chicago-based Still Music team up to bring you a slice of phenomenally rare and unique Disco and Boogie tracks. The American Boogie Down is compiled and mixed by Still Music label owner Jerome Derradji with the talents of Detroit vocal legend Paul Randolph featured on the mix. Previous to disco's commercial explosion at the end of the 1970's, the music had been mostly an underground phenomenon specific to New York City. Most of Middle America had been allowed to remain blissfully behind the curve, appropriating the fashions coming out of the urban cultural centers at a leisurely pace. Disco's sudden mainstream success mandated a swift update of sound and style in the independent soul practitioner, often with transcendent results. Translated into the language of middle America, the major label gloss of disco and modern funk became muddier, rawer, displaying more character. Often enough, the inherent independence and creativity of American soul music overcame the worst instincts of the manufactured disco sound poisoning the water supply. What we find collected here is music that manages to be personal, thoughtful, colorful, and expansive while maintaining the same mesmerizing grooves and filling the same dance floors as its mainstream counterpoints. The music on this mix is taken from Past Due Records, Still Music's famous disco reissue division. It includes two unreleased tracks from Chicago's Morning After and Detroit's Monofide. BBE and Still's long standing dedication to the finest in disco, soul, afrobeat, and house make the two labels natural partners, a formidable force unearthing music which deserves to be heard.
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