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<!--020091006018407-->Joe Budden - 'Escape Route' [CD]
<!--020091006018407-->Joe Budden - 'Escape Route' [CD]
<!--020091006018407-->Joe Budden - 'Escape Route' [CD]
<!--020091006018407-->Joe Budden - 'Escape Route' [CD]

Joe Budden

Escape Route



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Much in the same way HALFWAY HOUSE was the precursor to Joe's successful album PADDED ROOM in February 2009 (on Amalgam Digital), ESCAPE ROUTE assumes the role of being the prequel to Joe's highly anticipated new album, THE GREAT ESCAPE due later this year via Amalgam Digital/E1 Music. ESCAPE ROUTE takes fans back to a place where Joe hasn't been in a while. The vibe will remind fans of Joe's MOOD MUZIK SERIES that helped solidify Budden's diehard fan base over the past 4 years. ESCAPE ROUTE is filled with the dark & powerful backdrops and the type of incredible lyrics Joe Budden is known for. Once again, Joe shows us why he is considered by many to be one of the greatest living MC's. With Features from his super-group SLAUGHTERHOUSE and YOUNG CHRIS and production handled by up and comers Jared F and J Cardim, ESCAPE ROUTE is a breath of fresh air that will have rap fans begging for more!
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