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<!--120090818017886-->John Hebert - 'Byzantine Monkey' [CD]

John Hebert

Byzantine Monkey


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Byzantine Monkey, bassist/composer John Hbert's long-awaited debut recording as a bandleader, documents his New York-based sextet of the same name featuring frequent collaborators Michal Attias, Tony Malaby, Adam Kolker, Nasheet Waits and Satoshi Takeishi.

Hbert's original compositions for the group take their inspiration from a variety of sources, including his interest in Cajun music, his travels to different parts of the world and his gratitude and respect for his mentor, legendary pianist/composer Andrew Hill, with whom Hbert worked from 2001 until his death in 2007.

The musicians bringing that music to life in Byzantine Monkey have all worked extensively with Hbert in other ensembles, including Attias, Kolker and Malaby's own groups and Hill's trio and quintet. "Byzantine Monkey is me, and Byzantine Monkey is the band," writes Hbert in the liner notes. "All of our voices together, telling one story."
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