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<!--120110531050362-->Josh Martinez - 'Pissed Off Wild (P.O.W.)' [CD]
<!--120110531050362-->Josh Martinez - 'Pissed Off Wild (P.O.W.)' [CD]
<!--120110531050362-->Josh Martinez - 'Pissed Off Wild (P.O.W.)' [CD]
<!--120110531050362-->Josh Martinez - 'Pissed Off Wild (P.O.W.)' [CD]

Josh Martinez

Pissed Off Wild (P.O.W.)




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Camobear Records is pleased to announce the release of Josh Martinez' new album, The Pissed Off Wild. Nova Scotian born, Vancouver matured, Portland based multi-tasking artist / music industry visionary, Josh Martinez' latest musical venture does not see him resting on the laurels of what he's proven to be successful in the past. The Pissed Off Wild, produced by Juno Award winner Roger Swan, is an extraordinary leap outside the already unlimited boundaries that Martinez observes. Taking its inspiration from 60s psyche-rock, 70s blues, 80s punk, 90s grunge and the failings of the 21st century, Martinez has produced an original work of music unlike anything made yet. Full band, no click tracks, mostly live off the floor, has resulted in a labor of love that took five years to make. It represents the strongest Martinez record yet, with a grown up sound that mixes solid production with the whimsy and sexy good times that the big boys are most known for. This record could share a room with Gnarls Barkley, G.G. Allen, Black Keys and Beck and still be the one everyone's social networking about.
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