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<!--120081021015032-->Josh Martinez - 'The World Famous Sex Buffet' [CD]
<!--120081021015032-->Josh Martinez - 'The World Famous Sex Buffet' [CD]
<!--120081021015032-->Josh Martinez - 'The World Famous Sex Buffet' [CD]
<!--120081021015032-->Josh Martinez - 'The World Famous Sex Buffet' [CD]

Josh Martinez

The World Famous Sex Buffet




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The Josh Martinez experience mixes doo-wop, psych, dance moves, and hi-kicks with all of the joy and freshness of golden-era hip hop. The end result is the Ritalin Future Sound of which the kids these days cannot get enough. At shows, the ladies get down... hard. The fellas loosen up and try to act like they got a pair. Moms arrange their daughters' marriages in their minds, while fathers drink the night away at the bar, withering away with whimsy, their days of glory long gone.

With his strongest, most accessible record yet, Martinez takes his place in the top tier of today's influential hip hop artists. His use of harmony and humor has long brought him accolades from non-traditional sources, but there has always been substance underneath the syrup. An abiding love for both the people and their stories oozes from every pore of this opus.

Production from multiple Juno Award-winner Roger Swan ensures that the quality of this album exceeds all previous output and sets the bar at an almost unreachable height. The World Famous Sex Buffet will be backed by a massive marketing push and a worldwide tour that will bring Martinez to the heights of celebrity, paparazzi pursuit, and the glory that has thus far eluded the man they call "The People's Champ."
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