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<!--020121030049119-->Journalist 103 - 'Reporting Live' [CD]
<!--020121030049119-->Journalist 103 - 'Reporting Live' [CD]
<!--020121030049119-->Journalist 103 - 'Reporting Live' [CD]
<!--020121030049119-->Journalist 103 - 'Reporting Live' [CD]

Journalist 103

Reporting Live



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Honing in on the modern man's struggle, Journalist 103 uses his words to paint vivid pictures of peril, inspiration and overcoming hardship. As the lyricist behind The Left's critically acclaimed 2010 opus, "Gas Mask," Journalist maneuvered through obscurity and rose to infamy as one of Detroit's most celebrated narrators. Throughout the years, he has shared the mic with legends such as Kool G Rap and even lent his voice to the opening track on Proof of D12's out-of-print Detroit classic and now collector's item, "Electric C oolaid Acid Testing."

As his name suggests, Journalist 103 is able to articulate his point of view like a true professional, never relying on cheap frills to captivate listeners. "Journalist is a perfectly-titled MC because his raps have no gimmicks....but keep the listener coming back for more because they're expertly-arranged, compellingly delivered, and contain real substance," declares Journalist 103 continues his investigative report on the human psyche and charters new territory on his solo debut, "Reporting Live." Featuring guest appearances from Freeway, Saigon & Fashawn, and production from Snowgoons, Apollo Brown, Oddisee, The Audible Doctor, and more, Journalist 103 returns to boast lyrics straight from the headlines of an eye-opening periodical.
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