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<!--2008111833-->Juice - 'The Certificate' [CD]
<!--2008111833-->Juice - 'The Certificate' [CD]
<!--2008111833-->Juice - 'The Certificate' [CD]
<!--2008111833-->Juice - 'The Certificate' [CD]


The Certificate


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The Black Wall Street is proud to present the first official release from Juice. Juice doesn't just bring heat; he's from the land of heat. Perhaps the hottest mic gripper to ever come out of Arizona, Juice has seen his profile on the rise since aligning with The Game's Black Wall Street crew. "The Certificate" sees Juice take his spot front and center through twenty-one selections that make a flame thrower seem like a snow blower. Features from Sheek Louch, Warren G and Black Wall Street's top dog even throws out a couple of verses on the down low just add fuel to the fire. Spin "The Certificate" and you'll see why The Game brought Juice into the Black Wall Street. When on a visit to the AZ, The Game was passed Juice's demo with a "you gotta check this kid out". Feel the heat? That's "The Certificate".
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