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<!--020101130025303-->Julien Parise - 'Dirty Symphony' [CD]

Julien Parise

Dirty Symphony



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  • Nov 30, 2010
  • Hip Hop & Rap
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  • MISCD004CD
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  • Missive
Parise has been active in Paris's underground club scene or over a decade, both as a producer and as a label manager. Through the Missive imprint, he's put out dozens of records by local producers like Lanoiraude and fellow labelhead Thomas Di Matteo, as well as international artists like Scotland's Sei A and Israel's Chaim.

Julien Parisé own production catalog is a bit more sparse, with a slew of 12-inches under the alias Mister J and three under his real name from the past few years. In terms of style, Dirty Symphony follows the same trajectory as much of Parise's previous work, weaving between atmospheric minimal and chord-driven tech house. The record consists mostly of unreleased tracks, and will mark his first batch of new material since 2008.

Music with Julien Parisé all started with a story of roaring drills, and thereafter with a walkman headphones screwed-down his ears, kickflip over steps, he wore away his magnetic music tapes loaded with Led Zep, Michael Jackson, Talking Heads and others Burning Spear. In his quest of absolute funk, he's discovered techno, house music and others electro grooves, then in 1999, Julien met P-O., promoetr, DJ and Open Sound creative, first French techno cybershop, with whom he decided to collaborate.

Side by side with P-O. and Thomas di Matteo, he began at the What's Up Bar with mixes that would feed a bulimic dancefloor. And thereafter different residency gigs at Rex Club, La Fabrique, Nouveau Casino or even Le Triptique (now Social Club).

Obsessed with the blue note, he turned naturally to composition and became the major and prolific artist of MISSIVE label created by P O. and Thomas Di Matteo. Greedy of fusion of any kind, he multiplied productions and remixes, alone or in collaboration, and his music has been elected by plebiscite of the greatest DJs such as Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Funk D Voïd, Jori Hulkonen, Rainer Trüby, Chloé, Ivan Smagghe, Ben Watt...
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