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<!--020081021015031-->junclassic - 'Overqualified' [CD]
<!--020081021015031-->junclassic - 'Overqualified' [CD]
<!--020081021015031-->junclassic - 'Overqualified' [CD]
<!--020081021015031-->junclassic - 'Overqualified' [CD]





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Classified Recordings proudly presents Junclassic's sophomore LP, Overqualified. On the surface, Overqualified would appear to be the kind of slice of life chronicle that already over saturates the underground scene. Yet, as portrayed by Juneclassic, the world becomes a whimsically wacky place. On "Myspace Indentity," the social networking mecca is portrayed as a fun house, replete with scantily clad cyber harlots and wack music whereas "'E' From Brooklyn" is one of the more effective pieces of storytelling this year, thanks to an abrupt plot shift that takes the tale to a dark and surprising conclusion. "Pretty Toni" is the most goofily endearing musical love letter since Gnarl's Barkley's "Blind Mary." Producer l8sho (Late Show) deserves equal billing on this project, as his off-kilter sound collages provide the perfect backdrop for Junclassic's unorthodox delivery. The individual elements of the tracks are often at odds with one another, but it is this very tension that adds urgency to the molasses slow rhyme cadences that dominate the record. Overqualified is not an album for your backyard barbecue or summer road trip, but while it is not for everybody it is certainly not boring and is every bit beautifully bizarre.
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