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<!--020120508044017-->Jyroscope - 'Ragtime' [CD]
<!--020120508044017-->Jyroscope - 'Ragtime' [CD]
<!--020120508044017-->Jyroscope - 'Ragtime' [CD]
<!--020120508044017-->Jyroscope - 'Ragtime' [CD]





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Jyroscope is the second coming of Cannibal Ox with the potential to stand at the impasse between the commercial and independent, introducing both sides to flirt playfully. The crew has wielded microphones and turntables with legends from Kool Herc to Saul Williams and Percee P, always manifesting an exceptional live performance that lures crowds into desiring more. Ragtime is the long-awaited and anticipated seminal release of these three members of the 8 man infamous Windy City collective, Tomorrow Kings.

Produced entirely by I.B. Fokuz, Ragtime is creatively derived from the period of the African-American musical tradition and era known as ragtime. The second track, "Beginning Dilation," begins with spoken word guru and fellow Tomorrow Kings member IL Subliminal prophetically introducing Jyroscope as the next logical step in hip-hop's creative evolution, displaying exceptionally without trying their elevated and evolved approach to both hip-hop and art. "A Wicked Man's Voodoo" depicts Collasoul and I.B. both taking on the identities of an advantageous record executive and a disingenuous statesman respectively. Its theme is that the capitalist system destroys human individuality. The title track, "Rag-Time," casts the overall vision that Jyroscope means to convey with the LP. Jyroscope uses this track to inform the listener that their classic art, in the words of I.B., is about "...damaging mics and handing out bandages." Ragtime in its totality symbolizes the first time you fell in love with music, and Jyroscope's main objective is to reenchant a displaced musical diaspora with the beauty of its origins, as did the ragtime era for U.S. Blacks it draws upon for inspiration.
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