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Broken Love Letter



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Broken Love Letter is a dark foray into anguishing world of the breakup, an expressive, challenging and postmodern work of art brimming with innovative creativity and discordant, unique soundscapes. Known for his collaborations with Bigg Jus and Orko (NMS) as well as the Galapagos4 and Anticon collectives, K-the-I???'s debut LP on Mush records sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, sometimes a fierce assault on the senses, rife with dark, introspective humor and one of the most underrated and under-appreciated voices of hip hop music. While there are many standout tracks (Miss Gofuckyourself, Go-Go Girls, You're Not That Beautiful, and the title cut), taken as a whole Broken Love Letter is a multifaceted and unified piece of audible artwork, framed by diverse and varied styles of music sampled in the production (handled mostly by K-the-I??? withadditional tracks from The Frictionals, Scandls, and kyrider, and slammin' cuts by DJ Shortrock). Broken Love Letter is a conceptual masterpiece for those who think far outside of the box, possessed by the spirit of artists like Jackson Pollack who splashed and splattered their insides onto an abstract canvas rather than paint a straight-foward, conventionally accepted "pretty" picture that everyone else wanted them to conform to. Cop this if you're ready for something completely different and new- or if you've had your heart smashed recently, and need something to help make sense of all the pain which consumes you... K-the-I??? understands. Buy his album.
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