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<!--120110621031090-->k-the-i??? - 'Synesthesia' [CD]
<!--120110621031090-->k-the-i??? - 'Synesthesia' [CD]
<!--120110621031090-->k-the-i??? - 'Synesthesia' [CD]
<!--120110621031090-->k-the-i??? - 'Synesthesia' [CD]






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After the Cambridge, Mass., native rapper K-The-I??? immersed himself deep in the LA beat scene and spent innumerable months aloof abroad, he emerged an anomalous and innovative beat maker. Gleaning what he could from Thavius Beck, producer for his last Big Dada released album Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, K-The-I??? has taken the Launchpad/Ableton style of beatmaking in his own direction. NME said about his last album, "Living within an architecture of alien sounds, K-The-I??? still could not be any more welcoming". However, the architecture now his own - as well as the interior design, K-The-I??? is now truly in his own element. Synesthesia is K-The-I???'s first instrumental album and a testament to his growth as an artist.

Abandoning his discordant Mush era rap roots for a surprisingly melodic new sound, not the cookie cutter dubstep that one might expect a Dadaist rapper to employ, K-the-I??? uses the methods of production to do something no rapper has ever done. Drawing the same amount of inspiration from the 'womp' sound in current electronic movements as the airy MIDI themes of Super Nintendo RPGs, he creates a sound uniquely his own. At the same time both hard and elegant, dark yet ethereal. He has become a one man Godspeed You! Black Emperor for the post-Witchhouse age by layering glitchy rap influenced dance beats among harmonious vocal samples and lush synths. K-The-I??? calls in his allies Myka 9, sole and Ceschi to contibute to this post IDM masterpiece.
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