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<!--020130604057353-->KicDrum Products - 'Masamune' [(Red) Five Panel Camper Hat]
<!--020130604057353-->KicDrum Products - 'Masamune' [(Red) Five Panel Camper Hat]
<!--020130604057353-->KicDrum Products - 'Masamune' [(Red) Five Panel Camper Hat]
<!--020130604057353-->KicDrum Products - 'Masamune' [(Red) Five Panel Camper Hat]

KicDrum Products



Five Panel Camper Hat


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KDP creates the intangible materials for Hip Hop fans and Artists to arm themselves with when preparing for battle. Like the Samurai, a DJ, B-Boy/B-Girl, Graff Writer, or Emcee must not only have the learned skills and expertise that comes from long hard years of gathering knowledge and practice, but also come equipped with the weapons (records, beats, clothing etc.) to express their skills in an artful manner. It is with this in mind that we present to you our Limited Samurai Series 5-Panel Collection. Three uniquely crafted camper hats, featuring the finest quality imported Japanese fabric-conceptualized and crafted in the USA. Each hat was designed to bolster the presence, confidence and preparedness of the modern Hip Hop warrior, deftly skilled in his or her art: Ima yoshi. Ikou!

Like the master sword smiths themselves, these two impeccable pieces of craftsmanship represent the Yin and Yang, the fire and the water, the violence and peace of life: balance. These lids are as sharp as the swords created by their namesakes, cutting the competition like leaves that fall upon the blades crafted by Sensei Muramasa and Sensei Masamune.

24 Units Only (Will never be reissued)

- Imported Fabric from Japan
- Black Japanese Armor Visor
- Silver Stitched Woven Label
- Adjustable Velcro Strap
- Custom Engraved KDP Badge
- Made In USA
- Unique fit and finish