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<!--020111025036859-->Klaus Treuheit Trio - 'Nardis' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Klaus Treuheit Trio


Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record


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  • Oct 25, 2011
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 882119006117
  • 8.6 oz
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  • Sonorama Records
Beautiful Piano-album from Germany in the spirit of Bud Powell, produced 1986 on a private label in a limited edition of 500 copies only and already a sought after rarity today. Combination of own Modern Jazz tunes with classics like Sonny Clark's "Blues Blue" or Harold Land's "Lydia's Lament" in the form of sensitive trio arrangements, going far beyond the pure bop conception of the 1950s and 60s. 1:1-reissue with original cover artwork and liner notes, remastered in 2011.

"The authenticity derives from the moment" (Klaus Treuheit)

Among jazz connaisseurs and collectors, Nardis has become a milestone in European piano jazz. Due to lack of promotion and lack of a professional sales department, the record remained largely unnoticed at the time of production. But in recent years Nardis developed into a desired rarity especially in Japan and in various European countries, where the seldom appearing original LP started to fetch prices around 300 EUR on the internet. Only the retrospection and increasing demand make it clear now, what a great trio album had been produced outside the market.

Nardis is a truly timeless and highly emotional production. Centered around Klaus Treuheit, double bass and drums are the extensions of the pianist's musical ideas, making their own equally important contributions. Sometimes Chistian Lachotta and Hans-G√ľnter Brodmann just back up the pianist as a reliable rhythm section, while in the next moment they become individuals with their own musical comments. That's why the album stands out as a further development of the already then submerged bop tradition, adding new sound patterns and forms of expression to the faded genre. It develops an aesthetic discourse by the help of sensitive tone-colours in a strong emotional range between tension and relaxation. An "internalization of the message behind the notes" as Treuheit says himself, influenced by the "incredible harmonies" of Bud Powell.

Meanwhile, the man looks back to a large number of highly acclaimed record releases and succesful performances in many countries. During a musician portrait in 2011, the German magazine "jazzzeitung" attested his productions, "a thoughtful musicality in an impetuous joy of playing." With good conscience this can also be said about his Nardis LP, that is reissued here after 25 years to finally reach a wider audience (EF/ 2011).
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