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<!--020130625056965-->Klub des loosers - 'Last Days' [CD]
<!--020130625056965-->Klub des loosers - 'Last Days' [CD]
<!--020130625056965-->Klub des loosers - 'Last Days' [CD]
<!--020130625056965-->Klub des loosers - 'Last Days' [CD]

Klub des loosers

Last Days




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Klub Des Loosers is a French hip hop collective whose members have included Fuzati, DJ Detect, and DJ Orgasmic, and have worked with Tekilatex (TTC), Para One (Fuckaloop) and James Delleck (Gravite Zero).

After 2012's "La Fin de L'espce", and 2010's "Springtales", French Hip Hop producers Klub des Loosers returns with "Last Days", their first instrumental album.

"Last Days" was originally started in 2007 when Fuzati, realizing his time was less and less dedicated to music, developed a sort of mission: to create a new track each night. This turned into a two-year obsession, fueled by drugs and alcohol, and finally landed him in the hospital with serious cardiac troubles in 2010...the frenetic collection of beat compositions that is now called "Last Days" was laid aside for more than 2 years.

In 2012, Fuzati decided to take over his work on the tracks and finish it as this album, inspired from his life, a snapshot of what very nearly were his "Last Days".
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