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<!--020110208027209-->Kooley High - 'Eastern Standard Time' [CD]
<!--020110208027209-->Kooley High - 'Eastern Standard Time' [CD]
<!--020110208027209-->Kooley High - 'Eastern Standard Time' [CD]
<!--020110208027209-->Kooley High - 'Eastern Standard Time' [CD]

Kooley High

Eastern Standard Time



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Hailing from the Dogwood heavy hils of North Carolina, super-group Kooley High arrives on the scene with the mision to delight, electrify and ignite seas of listeners thirsty for something new from the world of Hip Hop. Since they began making music together in early 2007, the six independent members have been allowed and encouraged to let their own individual talents flourish, ensuring that the sounds coming out of the Kooley High music factory are one-of-a-kind.

Comprised of two sturdy producers (Foolery and The Sinopsis), three intelligent and witty emcees (Tab-One, Rapsody and Charlie Smarts) and one keenly crowd-aware DJ (Ill Digitz), the group works in a collective effort to maintain the ideal that talent, camraderie and a lot of hard work will take you far.

Their first full-length album, Eastern Standard Time, released under M.E.C.C.A Records is a resounding exhibition of versitility and consistency. The group displays their musical evolution, a mere two years removed from the release for their debut EP, The Summer Sessions, and confirms that Kooley High is a movement that is just picking up steam.
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