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<!--020090714017240-->Krizz Kaliko - 'Genius' [CD]
<!--020090714017240-->Krizz Kaliko - 'Genius' [CD]
<!--020090714017240-->Krizz Kaliko - 'Genius' [CD]
<!--020090714017240-->Krizz Kaliko - 'Genius' [CD]

Krizz Kaliko




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Genius [jeen-yuh s] - an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in music. Se also: the newest album from Krizz Kaliko.

Not too many people can lay claim to having created their own style of music, but Krizz Kaliko has done just that. Funkra, a mix of funk, rap, rock and opera, rings true in every song Krizz performs. On his new album, Genius, Krizz Kaliko once again flips musical expectations on their ear. His second album from Strange Music, Genius melds together the different styles and influences of Krizz's life into an album that crosses boundaries with each track.

Featuring appearances from standout names like Tech N9ne and E-40, Genius moves easily from style to style, all the while sounding just like Krizz Kaliko- like nothing you've ever heard. With the club-ready 'Back Pack' and the psychedelic-tinged 'Misunderstood', Genius seethes with songs to put the swing in your summer.

2008 saw Krizz performing songs of his successful (almost 28K units scanned) first album, Vitiligo, to thousands of fans alongside Tech N9ne on several nationwide tours and 2009 shows no signs of slowing down. Krizz will hit the road in support of Genius, having already performed over 50 shows this year with over 100 more to follow, including performing on the always explosive Rock The Bells Tour. There will be plenty of chances for fans to catch Krizz live and see how incredibly Genius translates to the stage. Forget the theory of relativity- get Genius and find out about the theory of what's relative.
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