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<!--020111018034500-->KRTS - 'Hold On' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020111018034500-->KRTS - 'Hold On' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020111018034500-->KRTS - 'Hold On' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020111018034500-->KRTS - 'Hold On' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Hold On

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl EP Record


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Last year, Brooklyn's Krts released Remixes for Beards and Flannels, a mix-tape of top shelf classics from hip-hop's '80s and '90s heyday. This September, he'll follow this with his newest and first-ever proper EP release, Hold On, on the Berlin label Project Mooncircle.

With sounds ranging from the eclectic side of Hip-Hop, Broken Beat, Downtempo, soulful Dubstep, Indie Rock, and Fusion Jazz, Krts crafts a soundtrack to an everchanging NYC landscape, fraught with struggles and flashbacks of what-was, all while letting go of ideals in favor of a new, raw, and heartfelt future. The album's title track, "Hold On", concerns the battle of a fleeting love - electronic and psychedelic sounds lead to a heavy, mid-range looped chorus and a deep, rumbling dubstep-style bassline. A taste of struggle is represented in "Whatever", with it's 808 kicks, layered snare, eerie and rattling samples, sweeping syths, and improvised piano... all as an ode to the cluttered market of Brooklyn's indie art scene.

23 minutes in 5 tracks, with a bonus remix of "Hold On" by Afro-House/2-Step artist Glenn Astro. Beat culture thumbed and molded into one emotive EP.
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