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<!--020120626044011-->Kutmah Presents - 'Worldwide Family Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
<!--020120626044011-->Kutmah Presents - 'Worldwide Family Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
<!--020120626044011-->Kutmah Presents - 'Worldwide Family Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
<!--020120626044011-->Kutmah Presents - 'Worldwide Family Vol. 2' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Kutmah Presents

Worldwide Family Vol. 2

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]


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Brownswood Recordings is delighted to announce that the second volume of its 'Worldwide Family' series comes courtesy of LA native Kutmah, London's newly transplanted DJ, producer, visual artist and eternal beat-seeker. Kutmah is a king amongst cratediggers; a musical iconoclast who has gained respect and recognition the globe over. There's a certain grace that follows Kutmah's every creative pursuit: an attention to detail, an intricacy, a mysticism. Both his visual work and musical explorations conjure a feeling of entering a new world. As a DJ, one Kutmah mix can lead to hours of discovery afterwards.

For the underground music and arts community of Los Angeles (and a worldwide legion of supporters) Kutmah is one of their most mercurial creatives, leading the city's inimitable artistic renaissance. Starting his Sketchbook Sessions in 2004 at Little Temple alongside Take, Eric Coleman (Mochilla) and DJ Nobody (Low End Theory), the city's first instrumental beats and art night paved the way for the likes of Low End Theory and Brainfeeder.

First and foremost Kutmah is a DJ. His devotion to the art form borders on obsessive and his energy is infectious. Perpetually ahead of the pack, his DJ sets and NTS Radio playlists are crammed with new heat harvested from his Worldwide Family and his passion and commitment to the discovery and promotion of new talent mirrors ours. Curating the second volume in this series, his is a fitting tribute to the breadth and depth of talent blossoming in our beloved Worldwide underground. The compilation features exclusive and unreleased tracks from Flying Lotus, Samiyam , Hudson Mohawke, Dibia$e , The Darkhorsemen & Mony/Poly .

With 'Worldwide Family Vol. 2', Kutmah not only brings back the art of being a selector, but he has also decided to create a compilation with his fellow DJ in mind. It's not a 60min Ableton mix, with fast, easily digestible soundbites of songs - in fact, it's not mixed at all. It's a wonderfully deep collection of tracks that each merit your undivided attention and appreciation. Not content with simply curating the sonics, Kutmah has painstakingly created all of the artwork - the fruits of numerous all night sessions with pen, ink and sketchbook - collaborating with his good friend Brandy Flower (Hit+Run LA).
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