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<!--120120228039953-->Lee Bannon - 'Fantastic Plastic' [CD]
<!--120120228039953-->Lee Bannon - 'Fantastic Plastic' [CD]
<!--120120228039953-->Lee Bannon - 'Fantastic Plastic' [CD]
<!--120120228039953-->Lee Bannon - 'Fantastic Plastic' [CD]

Lee Bannon

Fantastic Plastic




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Lee Bannon is a young producer based out of Sacramento, California. He can recall having a passing interest in music until his teenage years when he first heard Wu-Tang Clan. The aggressive lo-fi sound of the mythical collective was something Bannon had not experienced before. This led him to start making music with friends and by the time he was 14, Lee had a Korg beat machine he was working out ideas with. He turned a playhouse in his backyard into a makeshift studio and would collaborate with his friends on beats in there. He was still being exposed to new music, from Madlib to Dilated Peoples, and he soaked it all up.

Lee found himself doing production for Del The Funky Homosapien, Roc Marciano and Talib Kweli among others before Lee and Plug Research ever crossed paths. Lee was drawn to the experimental and grass-roots approach the Los Angeles based label had been doing for years. Fantastic Plastic, is a departure from his more straight forward hip-hop productions and more in-line with the left field sounds emanating from Los Angeles. He never loses the head-nod, but Lee is out to prove he has much more complexity and depth to him than just rap beats. Still very young but deeply knowledgeable about music, Lee has just begun taking the first steps to what will surely be a long and influential career in music.
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