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Leo Gandelman

Vip Vop




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Saxophonist Leo Gandelman is a celebrated Brazilian musician in both MPB and classical music. Gandelman returns with his unique take on jazz music with a new studio album full of remarkable Brazilian samba-jazz compositions. This is a high-quality sax-led jazz record full of invention and intrigue.

Saxophonist, arranger and producer Leo Gandelman is the son of a classical pianist who by the age of 15 was a soloist for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Combined with a solid classical foundation, Gandelman studied at Berklee College of Music, in the USA, returning to Brazil in 1979 to begin his professional career, which has seen him participate in over 800 recordings to date. He launched his solo career in 1987 taking inspiration from Brazilian music and Jazz, but always with a clear creative versatility.

Leo's work has also received acclaim in the United States over the past decade where he has played to six full houses at the Blue Note, New York. Fluent in the flow between Jazz and classic, Gandelman participated as a soloist in the 2001 Brazilian Symphony Orchestra concerts at the Lincoln Centre and Central Park. In 2004, he was invited by the Symphony Orchestra of Brasilia to perform for President Lula while in 2006 he recorded with the Symphony Orchestra of the Petrobrs, under the conductorship of the master Isaac Karabtchevsky, performing a Concertino of Radams Ganattali. Leo has recorded ten albums over the course of his solo career selling over 500,000 copies. With the album "Radams & the Sax" Leo Gandelman earned two TIM awards in 2007 for "Best Instrumental Album" and "Best Producer" before 2008's release of "Sabe Voc", a beautiful revisit of Brazilian ballads with special guest appearances of the MPB such as Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento, Luiz Melodia, Leny Andrade, Ney Matogrosso, Joel Nascimento and Leila Pinheiro.

Gandelman's relationship with Far Out Recordings began in 2009 when the label released his North American and Brazilian cross over jazz record 'Anatomy of Groove' under the Brazilian Groove Band moniker and with guest appearances from the likes of Grant Green Jr. and Reuben Wilson. This was followed in 2010 by Far Out's release of Leo's O.S.T score for 'Garrincha Estrela Solitaria (The Lonely Star)' the evocative old school samba soundtrack to the acclaimed film biopic of maverick Brazilian football genius Garrincha.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, 2011, 'Vip Vop' is a career high. Led by Gandelman's compositions and distinctive saxophone this is pure jazz with a strong Brazilian heart.
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