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<!--2008080553-->Lil Dap - 'I.A.DAP' [CD]
<!--2008080553-->Lil Dap - 'I.A.DAP' [CD]
<!--2008080553-->Lil Dap - 'I.A.DAP' [CD]
<!--2008080553-->Lil Dap - 'I.A.DAP' [CD]

Lil Dap



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Lil' Dap is one of the founding members of legendary hip-hop crew "Group Home." Originally cutting his teeth in New York in the late 80's, Dap is a product of the renowned New York "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop. Raised on the streets, Dap found his solace in music, assisting in the formation of legendary group Gangstarr (DJ Premier, Guru), and his own crew, Group Home. Group Home's "Living Proof" has scanned over 130,000 + units to date and solidified Dap as one of the frontrunners of the "Golden Age" era. Dap's career has since seen consistent and sustained visibility in the form of an aggressive touring schedule over the last few years including visits to Germany, Morocco, France, Japan and most of the globe. With features from Treach (Naughty By Nature), Guru (Gang Starr) and many more, "I-A-DAP-T" is Dap's long awaited solo opus and a reinvigoration of the classic "Golden Age" sound that both defined and continues to influence an entire generation of emcees.
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