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<!--020100803022358-->Loden - 'Buggy' [CD]




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  • Aug 03, 2010
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 663405127026
  • MH270CD
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  • Mush Records
  • Loden
Brussels' Loden makes a resounding return to Mush Records with his second album, Buggy. Loden boldly explores new sonic landscapes, shaping the undulating layers and elaborate arrangements of digitally generated sound that defined his Mush debut, Valeen Hope, over more cadenced production. While still drawing on inspiration from the dense sonics of Kevin Shields and Jason Pierce, the production of Buggy will bring to mind new comparisons with modern producers like Flying Lotus and the Glitch Mob. Loden's heaps tracks so full of frequency that seem ready to burst at the seam, yet at the same time no sound feels unnecessary, no melody seems superfluous. With Buggy, Loden makes the case for inclusion among electronic productions elites.
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