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<!--2012112055-->Looptroop Rockers - 'Good Things' [CD]
<!--2012112055-->Looptroop Rockers - 'Good Things' [CD]
<!--2012112055-->Looptroop Rockers - 'Good Things' [CD]
<!--2012112055-->Looptroop Rockers - 'Good Things' [CD]

Looptroop Rockers

Good Things



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Being pioneers of the budding independent movement, they started releasing their own records and tapes in 1996 on their aptly named David vs Goliath imprint. After years of grinding the European tour circuit the band released their 2000 debut Modern Day City Symphony shedding all doubt of who the new kings of the european underground were.

Having toured with Xzibit, The International Noise Conspiracy and Atmosphere among others the Looptroop Rockers are masters of bringing their unique sound, look and attitude to whatever stage they're standing on. "Good Things" shows many sides in the evolution and maturity of Looptroop, the ever broadening musical explorations of Embee and the continous message laden lyrical depth of Promoe and Supreme.
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