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<!--2006112134-->Lord Finesse - 'The Awakening' [CD]
<!--2006112134-->Lord Finesse - 'The Awakening' [CD]
<!--2006112134-->Lord Finesse - 'The Awakening' [CD]
<!--2006112134-->Lord Finesse - 'The Awakening' [CD]

Lord Finesse

The Awakening



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With his third album, Lord Finesse representing D.I.T.C. (Diggin' in the Crates crew) brought together some of the finest rappers of the moment for an album almost entirely produced by Finesse himself. Known as producer and rapper, Finesse is gifted in metaphorical rhyming like other well-known MCs such as Big L or Chino XL, and again produces a great record deserving of any rap fan's archive. Guests like Akinyele, KRS-One, MC Lyte, O.C., AG, Diamond D., and Kid Capri make up the all-star cast. Topping it all off as a hidden bonus cut are verses by Large Professor, Grand Puba, and Sadat X on arguably one of hip-hop's finest tracks ever, entitled "Actual Facts." Contains the standout singles "Hip 2 Da Game" and "Gameplan".
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