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<!--020120424044008-->Los Jharis - 'Creadors Del Sonido De La Carretera Central' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Los Jharis

Creadors Del Sonido De La Carretera Central

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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LOS JHARIS DE AA was formed in the early '80s by the king of the Carterra Central, guitarist Teo Laura. Their raw and unadulterated sounds would proliferate throughout the different working class districts of Lima and would eventually set a new standard amongst musicians and fans alike. This is what many people in Per refer to when they use the word "chicha" in a musical sense; it can perhaps be best explained if you approach it with outer space in mind. We guarantee this will be quite the musical experience for the uninitiated!

The 6 songs off of this 12" were taken off of a cassette release that you would find street vendors selling in Per during that time period. Teo Laura is one of the great song writers of cumbia Peruana and has worked with many different groups since the early '70s. Let the music speak for itself!

The group SENSACIN SHIPIBO has one of the most original and refreshing sounds to come from the Selva region in quite some time. They dubbed their brand of music "cumbia-masha" when they were still playing as LOS SHIPIS. Masha music, being from Pucallpa, is mixed with a style of Peruvian cumbia called cumbia-selvatica. This makes for a sound that is fresh and unusual even to those indigenous to the jungles of Per.

Led by a shaman named Placido Rodriguez, the band's sound comes straight from the soul and is unique; the ayascuha riutals they partake in before their concerts and during practices strongly influences their song-writing. They sing their songs half in Shipibo and half in Castillano, which demonstrates the dichotomy of living in Yarinacohca. It is a place surrounded by visitors from Europe and North America looking to take just a "trip" and end up taking a piece of something with them whether it be genuine or not.

SENSACIN SHIPIBO are as real as it gets, and they are not to be confused with the slew of "world music" acts being force-fed to hungry foreigners in the overproduced and sterile musical marketplace. These songs were actually recorded on location in Yarinacocha by Jason Gardner, Tunchi, and I in a rented-out night club plagued by a temperamental sound board (the humidity wreaked absolute havoc!) and buckets of rain.
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