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<!--020131008059987-->Low Leaf - 'UNEARTHly EP' [(Black) Vinyl [10"]]
<!--020131008059987-->Low Leaf - 'UNEARTHly EP' [(Black) Vinyl [10"]]
<!--020131008059987-->Low Leaf - 'UNEARTHly EP' [(Black) Vinyl [10"]]
<!--020131008059987-->Low Leaf - 'UNEARTHly EP' [(Black) Vinyl [10"]]

Low Leaf


Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [10"]


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Always transcending expectations and traditions, Los Angeles artist Low Leaf creates a unique soundscape on the 10 track EP entitled UNEARTHly. Truly an out of this world experience, Low Leaf combines sci-fi/tribal sounding electronics and acoustic instrumentation to create an atmosphere that cradles her off-kilter melodies, vocal harmonies, and lyrics. Focused on themes of space, astral traveling, and love, UNEARTHly is a refreshing selfproduced listen that sets her apart from other artists in the universal hip hop/electronic musical landscape.

L.A. based artist Low Leaf is an independent musician who fearlessly stands on a foundation of her own vibratory soundscapes. She is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer. Rooted in classical piano since early childhood, her current musical experimentations combine an array of organics by way of playing the harp, synths, guitar, and weaving these instruments with beat incantations in the form of unrestricted composition. Her self-taught harp and production skills give way for a more intuitive form of ritualistic creation, while unintentionally blending genres as an offering to the Divine Creator. Her unique sound is always fluctuating, which is a sign of open evolution in a world that needs more honesty, authenticity, and innovation. She ultimately seeks to be a voice of nature and her Filipino ancestors in order to spread more compassion, creativity, and consciousness on the planet. Aware of this vision, Low Leaf is a messenger of pure love and aims to heal and harmonize others through the power of music.
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