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<!--020111122039190-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'I Love Haters' [CD]
<!--020111122039190-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'I Love Haters' [CD]
<!--020111122039190-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'I Love Haters' [CD]
<!--020111122039190-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'I Love Haters' [CD]


I Love Haters



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Legendary Music is proud to present Luckyiam's newest project, "I Love Haters". The title of the album comes from Luckyiam's view of the word, "hater"; he says, "You can't critique anything anymore without being labeled a hater and I just don't agree with that so, I Love Haters aka. people who have great taste, style and originality who aren't afraid to express their opinions".

The album is produced entirely by Kruse who first worked with Luckyiam on his 2007 release of "Most Likely To Succeed", during that process, Luckyiam realized that Kruse's music conjured up the vibe of the earlier Living Legends' sample heavy sound with an updated twist, and subsequently they decided to make an entire album together. The album also features guest spots from Slug of Atmosphere, Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship, Imani of Pharcyde, and Pep Love of Hieroglyphics.

Luckyiam is one of the founding members of the world-renowned crew, Living Legends. He was instrumental in defining the sound and style of the crew and is highly regarded in circles as one of the most prolific MC's of his time. He has graced stages across the United States and across globe from Australia to Amsterdam and Peru to Japan with his energetic and captivating live stage show.
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