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<!--020120410042904-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'Time To Get Lucky' [CD]
<!--020120410042904-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'Time To Get Lucky' [CD]
<!--020120410042904-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'Time To Get Lucky' [CD]
<!--020120410042904-->Luckyiam.PSC - 'Time To Get Lucky' [CD]


Time To Get Lucky



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After dropping last year's "I Love Haters" project in conjunction with LRG Clothing last November; Luckyiam, co-founder of the internationally infamous Living Legends returns with his new album, "Time To Get Lucky".

The album has been in the making for the past five years, and has had quite a journey, from being mixed by one of Dr. Dre's audio engineers to being confiscated by the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Agency. "Time To Get Lucky" is backed by hardhitting, electro tinged beats primarily provided by up and coming Los Angeles beatsmith, Mike Gao along with a few tracks produced by Exile and Budo (of Grieves and Budo).

Luckyiam exhibits why he is considered one of the best in his genre with skillful wordplay, detailed stories of debauchery and a delivery reminiscent of a time when skills, not internet buzz, swag, or shock value, were the currency of hip hop.

The album features guest spots from fellow crewmates, The Grouch and Scarub, along with Del the Funky Homosapien of Hieroglyphics and the multitalented singer-songwriter-MC, Lana Shea. Set your alarm for April 10, 2012 because it's "Time To Get Lucky"
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