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<!--2007100928-->Mac Lethal - '11:11' [CD]
<!--2007100928-->Mac Lethal - '11:11' [CD]
<!--2007100928-->Mac Lethal - '11:11' [CD]
<!--2007100928-->Mac Lethal - '11:11' [CD]

Mac Lethal



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The official Rhymesayers debut from Kansas City's native son Mac Lethal. One of URB1s Next 100, Mac Lethal has been making a name for himself for years. Whether it's terrorizing rappers at events like Scribble Jam ('02 MC Battle Champion) or earning his road dog stripes touring with artists like Atmosphere, Sage Francis and P.O.S., Mac Lethal has arrived and he's brought his signature sarcastic observation on life with him. 11:11 is a cynical, drunk, thought provoking and hard hitting album about beer, distaste with religion, kissing girls and most of all Kansas City. More fun than serious, but sometimes serious in a fun way.
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