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<!--2012040308-->Mad Gregs - 'Relatives' [CD]
<!--2012040308-->Mad Gregs - 'Relatives' [CD]
<!--2012040308-->Mad Gregs - 'Relatives' [CD]
<!--2012040308-->Mad Gregs - 'Relatives' [CD]

Mad Gregs



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Relatives is a document of collective life change. Over the course of three years since Mad Gregs' previous studio release Big Nun, each song underwent a lengthy maturation, mirroring the individual and collective growth of the band members through the album's gradual genesis. Though musically complex, the album is grounded in the candid emotionality and bedrock analog sound of late 70's soft rock. The creative process behind Relatives has been one of intention yielding to discovery. We hope this meditative quality envelops the listener, inspiring them to reflect on the nature of time and transformation in their own lives.

"They sound like memories"
--Fantastic Weapon
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