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<!--2013080610-->Madchild - 'Lawn Mower Man' [CD]
<!--2013080610-->Madchild - 'Lawn Mower Man' [CD]
<!--2013080610-->Madchild - 'Lawn Mower Man' [CD]
<!--2013080610-->Madchild - 'Lawn Mower Man' [CD]


Lawn Mower Man


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2013 release form the Canadian rapper. Born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, rapper Shane Bunting is best known by his stage name, Madchild. A founding member of the Canadian Hip Hop group Swollen Members, Mad Child rose to prominence throughout the 2000s, winning four Juno Awards with the group, as well as a number of other accolades from Canadian music organizations. The MC's career took a downward turn in 2006 when Bunting fell into a pill addiction, developing a $500-a-day habit before getting clean and making his struggles public in 2009. In 2011, Madchild found himself barred entry into the United States due to an alleged connection with the Hells Angels.
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