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<!--2008061054-->Malcolm X - 'The Ballot Or The Bullet' [CD]
<!--2008061054-->Malcolm X - 'The Ballot Or The Bullet' [CD]
<!--2008061054-->Malcolm X - 'The Ballot Or The Bullet' [CD]
<!--2008061054-->Malcolm X - 'The Ballot Or The Bullet' [CD]

Malcolm X

The Ballot Or The Bullet


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  • Jun 10, 2008
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 710126013524
  • PWIN135CD
  • 2.7 oz
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  • Paul Winley Records
In 1964, Malcolm X gave a speech entitled The Ballot or the Bullet which described how Blacks should fight for Civil Rights in America. He emphasized the importance of voting as a solution to ending discrimination against Blacks in America and addressed both the poor voting decisions and the denial of legitimate voting rights to Blacks. Either "the ballot or the bullet," says Malcolm X, will come next in the civil rights struggle meaning that the government must allow Blacks to legitimately vote or they will be forced to use violence as their means to influence government. This speech was recorded on April 3, 1964 at Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a limited edition pressing in handpasted jackets.
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