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<!--120120925048599-->MC Lyte - 'Eyes On This' [CD]
<!--120120925048599-->MC Lyte - 'Eyes On This' [CD]
<!--120120925048599-->MC Lyte - 'Eyes On This' [CD]
<!--120120925048599-->MC Lyte - 'Eyes On This' [CD]

MC Lyte

Eyes On This




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MC Lyte wasn't just one of the first female rappers, she was one of the first female rappers to point a finger right at the sexism that often populates the Hip Hop realm, often taking the subject head on lyrically (and off stage) she helped open the door for everyone from Queen Latifah to Missy Elliott and yes even Nicki Minaj. Lyte began rhyming at the age of 12, which eventually led to a single, "I Cram to Understand U," which led to a recording contract with the First Priority label. MC Lyte's debut full-length, "Lyte As a Rock" followed which along with "Eyes On You" is consider the most outstanding period of her career which should come as no surprise as the late 80s produced some of the finest releases in the history of Hip Hop.

"Eyes On This" found Lyte throwing braggart like a Gatling gun. Once again, the bulk of the production was courtesy of her brothers Milk Dee and Gizmo, better know as Audio Two, along with contributions from Nat Robinson and The King Of Chill. The record hit the Billboard Top 200 (in at #86) with singles like "Cha Cha Cha", "Cappucino" and "Stop, Look Listen" hitting the singles chart and propelling the record into the Top R&B Hip Hop Album chart where it peaked at a comfortable #6.

MC Lyte has since gone on to appear in films and TV shows, she's been a part of MTV reality shows like "Celebrity Rap Superstars", toured with The Roots and opened a specialty boutique in Los Angles. But the focus here is her contribution to Hip Hop. A contribution so significant that a few years ago her diary, turntables, vinyl and other assorted ephemera from her early days were donated to the Smithsonian as part of their collection, entitled "Hip-Hop Won't Stop: The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life."
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