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<!--020070925010155-->M.F. Grimm - 'The Order Of The Baker: Gingerbread Man Mixtape' [CD]

M.F. Grimm

The Order Of The Baker: Gingerbread Man Mixtape



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MF Grimm aka Percy Carey has one of the most powerful stories in Hip Hop: Confined to a wheelchair after an attempt on his life, he went on to play an essential part in the mid 90s independent Hip Hop boom, recording with Bobbito's Fondle'Em label, spearheading the Monsta Island Czars, working closely with MF Doom on the landmark "Operation: Doomsday" album and subsequent projects, and starting one of the few totally independent label/distribution companies in NYC. MF Grimm released the first triple CD Hip Hop album of all time, "American Hunger", in 2006 and has made recent appearances on the covers of several magazines (Village Voice, URB) and featured and reviewed in Rap Pages, Elemental, Spin, Plan B, Juice, and extensive Internet coverage on major websites (,,,,, etc). "The Order of the Baker" features previously unreleased tracks from the highly anticipated forthcoming album: "The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man", including lead single "Earth" and the 12"-only Optimen remix. The album will be based around the adventures of his criminal alter-ego the Gingerbread Man in the metaphorical world of Candyland. Features 9 tracks exclusive to this release, extending the Candyland metaphor of the upcoming album, with exclusive production from international beat maker Stricknine (Production credits include Thirstin Howl III & Rack Lo, Tim Dog and more), Distinctive painted artwork by Australian graffiti legend Peter Frickman (Hype Magazine, 183 Productions). Features a 30 minute mix of MF Grimm classics including tracks from 1995 - 2006, featuring high profile guests Large Professor and Kool G Rap. Includes Grimm rhyming over classic Australian beat for Lyrical Commission's "F--- All The Bulls--- - Remix" instrumental from the "Murderous Metaphors" EP. Grimm writes comics for DC Comics/Vertigo, and a graphic novel, Sentences, based on his life will be released in September 2007. Comics and an animated series based on the Gingerbread Man concept are currently in development by Grimm.
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