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<!--020090721017376-->MHz - 'Table Scraps' [CD]
<!--020090721017376-->MHz - 'Table Scraps' [CD]
<!--020090721017376-->MHz - 'Table Scraps' [CD]
<!--020090721017376-->MHz - 'Table Scraps' [CD]


Table Scraps




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In the beginning they were just five guys from Ohio. From an unlikely locale the five became some of the most influential people in underground Hip Hop. The MHz concept started with Copywrite who formed the group with longtime childhood friends Camu Tao and Jakki da Motamouth. The trio then met RJD2, who at the time was just getting in to producing Hip Hop. With RJD2 on board as their DJ, Tage joined the group and the five began recording together. A short time later Copywrite met Fondle 'Em's Bobbito Garcia who quickly helped the young rapper put out the single "Hollier than Thou" produced by RJD2. The single led to the meteoric rise of both Copywrite who signed to Eastern Conference Records and RJD2 who signed with Definitive Jux. But before any of that, there was Table Scraps. This is not a collection of what hit the floor, but a compilation of 12" singles and other cuts that led to the success of MHz and its members. Never before treated to a proper commercial release the time is right for rediscovery of this essential early material from Copywrite, Camu Tao, Jakki, Tage and RJD2.
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