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<!--020130820058230-->MidaZ The Beast - 'AU: Another Universe' [CD]
<!--020130820058230-->MidaZ The Beast - 'AU: Another Universe' [CD]
<!--020130820058230-->MidaZ The Beast - 'AU: Another Universe' [CD]
<!--020130820058230-->MidaZ The Beast - 'AU: Another Universe' [CD]

MidaZ The Beast

AU: Another Universe



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MidaZ the Beast's AU may very well be the album that will fuck up your whole year. After years of sharpening his blade on a slew of underground projects and turning heads with a handful of recent high-profile guest spots on albums from Oh No, Marco Polo, and Alchemist, the Orlando emcee unveils his full potential on his official debut record. His ferocious attack might be jarring for audiences more accustomed to the sadly typical bland faceless rap of today, while his vivid storytelling may be too much for those who can only digest 140 characters.

Those who aren't ready need not apply.

But for listeners who want to experience a master class on rapping and songwriting, AU is the album that will define 2013. Featuring guest spots from Planet Asia, Roc Marciano, Blueprint, and Sabac Red (Non-Phixion) as well as production from Oh No, Marco Polo, IMAKEMADBEATS, Paten Locke, and TzariZM, AU is home to songs that run the gamut of styles. Songs like the bombastic grand opus "Champion of the Block" and the forebodingly tense "Goldberg" demonstrate that MidaZ is something of a Hip Hop Weapon X with the mic in his hand, while the introspective "Worthless," captivatingly detailed "Jane Doe," and eerie "Coma" reveal that he's the rap game's Alfred Hitchcock when it comes to painting a narrative. Along the way, he also drops smooth braggadocio raps ("Icing on the Cake"), engages in the world's most sinister spitting contest on "Bad Things," and reflects on abstract concepts the hip hop world has never touched on "Self-Actualization."

A rapper like MidaZ the Beast simply shouldn't exist today. In a game populated by artists who lack character, talent, or some combination of the two, the Orlando emcee is both a seasoned writer and charismatic personality on the microphone. Mixing the intricate wordplay of DOOM, lyrical ferocity of Nas, and stylistic swagger of Raekwon, MidaZ has a knack for leaving a memorable impression on listeners through songs from his own catalog as well as on show-stealing guest spots. After years of developing his craft (as heard on acclaimed mixtapes like MidaZ Vs. Pete Rock, MidaZ Vs. Muggs, the El MidaZ Affair and LOOPS), the Doxside Music Group artist has begun his ascent into the circle of hip hop's elite. Producers Alchemist, Oh No, and Marco Polo have all personally reached out to MidaZ for his trademark beast-like bars on their recent projects. With the August 2013 release of his official debut album AU on HiPNOTT Records, more of the world is about to learn what so many have already recognized - there are few rappers that exist who can even hold a candle to MidaZ the Beast.
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