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<!--120130903058919-->mister T. - 'Play It Loud' [CD]

mister T.

Play It Loud




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  • Sep 03, 2013
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 0885007438168
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Cold Busted
  • mister T.
Athens, Greece DJ and producer mister T. releases another stellar album on Cold Busted, the 'Play It Loud' LP, a delectably instrumental, soulful upbeat Funk album. 'Rare To the Bone' begins with active hand drums, a vocalist singing from the heart, a bumping bass line and funky guitar on a wah pedal, apt effects for raw emotive tune. 'Cut and Run' follows with shoulder shaking rhythm, full horn section, carefree piano riffs, upright bass and a memorable snare. 'Catch Me If You Can' is a favorite tune; tight trumpet notes, a rumbling bass and lively drums carry you into a pleasant state of mind. 'The Surprise' is another excellent jam, more wah pedal funky guitar, groovy saxophone and bass notes create a contagious rhythm and fast moving organ keys add a nice touch. 'The Party' starts on a chill vibe, a smooth moving bass, steady slick beats, guitar riffs, crescendo horns and soulful vocals create a celebratory atmosphere where good times roll. 'Play It Loud' begins on soulful organ keys featuring luscious diva vocals, reverb on horns and grooving bass make it a funky, classic, inspiring tune. 'Afro Fillings' features more great instrumentals, the electric guitar notes are tight and funky, the cymbals and beats free and in harmony with the trumpets and bass. Rich in sound with notable prominent brass horns and outstanding percussion, all with Soul, Jazz and Trip Hop shades, 'Play It Loud' is meant just for that, turning up the volume while listening.
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